MMORPVG? It might sound confusing at first, but what does that "V" stands for? Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Vampire Game. You heard that right, Vampires. Mainly the reason why DarkEden is known for it's unique gameplay.

Most MMORPG's evolves around certain characters such as warriors, mages, assassins which is very common when think about MMORPG's. DarkEden came up with a brilliant idea of merging Vampire Classes as one of the choices on selecting a character, it gave that dark, adventurous and thrilling environment for players who will dare enter the world of DarkEden.

In addition to that, players can choose from the other two characters which are the Slayers and
Ousters. Slayers gain experience points whenever they attack a monster or player. Vampires on the other hand will receive experience points while killing a monster or just by drinking the blood of
a player in the extent of their skills which are mostly needed. Finally, Ousters gain experience just by simply killing several monsters.

DarkEden focuses more on PVP, so expect that most players will participate in events such as Capture the Flag or just plain Guild Wars (PVP) which may happen just outside towns and arenas.

Surely, this game brought out MMORPG in a new level, Ignited Games has released it's CBT, and it's upcoming 2nd CBT release is still unnanounced.

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